Constitution of the
Republic of Moldova

New Year message by Moldovan President Nicolae Timofti

Dear fellow countrymen,

There are just moments left till the 2013 year becomes history. A year during which we had both hesitations, and achievements we may be proud of.

A year when we had to cope with difficult political challenges, but which brought us closer to Europe through the initialling of the Association Agreement with the European Union.

A year with certain economic and social problems, but also with a fruit-bearing soil and friends willing to assist, who helped us resist the pressures exerted on us.

The things developed in Moldova slightly different against how we set them in the beginning. Yet, as they say, the final crowns the work.

We could overcome the spring political instability, in order to be able to focus on the daily life of the citizens, the country’s affairs and the European integration process. The 2013 events revealed institutional weaknesses and other problems faced by the political class and the entire society. Nevertheless, I hope that we have learned the needed lessons and, in the long, run, will be able to manage the delicate situations with more wisdom.

Certainly, all of us would have liked that we could have done more, so that your living improves better, and the reforms yield more results.

I am confident that we will be able to remove all the shortcomings we presently have in this and other respects next year. This is an important year also because we will have parliamentary elections, crucial for our further destiny.

We have the power and skill to continue the European integration process in 2014, which means the country’s modernisation in all the sectors.

We benefit, as you know, from unprecedented support from the western states, which have been backing us in line with a schedule and in the most difficult situations.

We will enjoy assistance from them for the projects of the next period as well.

I refer, first of all, to numerous infrastructure works carried out all over the country, to roads, water supply, irrigation and sewerage networks, schools, kindergartens, hospitals, trade, sports and culture centres.

I am also speaking about other concrete advantages of the European integration, such as the free trade with the European states and the visa free movement to the European Union.

These are no longer mere dreams. These are things about to be accomplished.

And when we, in 2014, will sign the Association Agreement and the free trade agreement, and will get the liberalised visa regime, we will know that these are going to be your achievements, of those who believe in our common success and work day by day.

In these solemn moments, between the old and the New Year, I want to thank you for the efforts you have made for the well-being of your country and families. My good thoughts and wishes of health are addressed both to our citizens from abroad and the ones of the Transnistrian region.

May the New Year bring you more happiness, and Good God protects you from the evil. May the 2014 year hold us together, united and conciliated.

A Happy New Year, dear fellow countrymen!

A Happy New Year, Republic of Moldova!