Constitution of the
Republic of Moldova

Biography of President of the Republic of Moldova Mircea Snegur, 1990-1996

Mr. Mircea Snegur was born on 17 January 1940, in the village of Trifanesti, Soroca district. In 1956 he has graduated the High School of the village Frumusica, Floresti district. Mr. Snegur has graduated from the Agricultural Institute of Chisinau in 1961. He accomplished post-graduate studies at the Department of Animal Husbandry of the same Institute (1972). His speciality is agronomist-scientist and has the scientific title of Doctor in agricultural sciences.

During 1961-1968 he worked as agronomist and director of kolkhoz in the village of Lunga, Floresti district. Later, he held positions of: director of Experimental Station for Field Cultures (1968-1973); director of the Main Agricultural Science Direction of the Ministry of Agriculture (1973-1978); general director of the Institute of Scientific Researches in Field Crops from Balti (1978-1981).

In the period 1981-1985 Snegur was First Secretary of the Edinet District Committee of the MCP (Moldavian Communist Party). From 1985 to 1989 he held the position of Secretary of MCP Central Committee.

Mircea Snegur was between 1989-1990 Chairman of the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of MSSR and Chairman of the Supreme Soviet of MSSR. Mircea Snegur was in office of President of the Republic of Moldova during September 3, 1990-December 1, 1996.

He was elected deputy in the Supreme Soviet of the USSR on March 26, 1989: He was a deputy in the Supreme Soviet of the MSSR of 11th and 12th legislatures, deputy in the Parliament of the Republic of Moldova of 14th legislature.

He also was the president of the Party of Revival and Conciliation from the Republic of Moldova.

Mr. Snegur was awarded the following state distinctions and honorific titles: the Order “Insigna de Onoare” (Badge of Honour), 1966, the Medal “Pentru Vitejie în Muncă” (For Courage in Work), 1976, “Ordinul Republicii” (Order of the Republic), 2000, Diploma “Ad Honores” of the European Academy of Arts (1995), Diploma of Honour and Gold Medal of European Order of Merit (1995), Doctor Honoris Causa at the Agricultural State University of Chisinau (1996), Doctor Honoris Causa at the Ankara University (1996), Doctor Honoris Causa at the Free International University of Moldova (2001). 

Mircea Snegur is married and has a daughter and a son.