Constitution of the
Republic of Moldova

Statement by President Maia Sandu at the briefing held after the resignation of the Government

Today Prime Minister Natalia Gavrilița announced the resignation of the Government. The government led by her had to deal with an overlap of crises unprecedented in the country's history. In spite of them, together, we managed to maintain peace in the Republic of Moldova, to keep our citizens safe and provide important support to the people. I thank the Prime Minister and her entire team for their immense sacrifice and effort made throughout this period.

Firm steps are needed to strengthen the country's economy and security. A cruel war continues in Ukraine. Threats to the Republic of Moldova and destabilization attempts remain high. We have the responsibility to protect the people, to maintain peace and order in the country.

In order to fulfill these tasks in a period of lasting crises, to move forward towards our fundamental objective of strengthening democracy and European integration, to strengthen the rule of law, to increase the standard of living in the Republic of Moldova, we decided that it is necessary to accelerate and strengthen our efforts by appointing a new government.

It is a difficult time for everyone, and our task is not only to endure - we must develop, and move forward. The country's economy and security need a new life.

The new Government will have to increase the country's security and keep Moldova in the world of free countries. War and its horrors still ravage our neighbors' homes. Citizens' concerns are still high, and the government must respond to these concerns through thorough preparation, clear information to the people and strengthening the relations of the Republic of Moldova with our country's friends.

During this period, we are going through a major energy crisis. To support citizens and the economy, the state has come up with significant compensations. Although those who started the energy war wanted us to fall, we move forward. In order to be able to help people even further, the new Government will have to focus its efforts on economic revival and development. Let's boost economic growth, attract as many quality investments as possible, so that we not only handle the rise in global prices, but also have more jobs, higher wages and improve the standard of living of Moldovans.

The new Government will have to continue and streamline the cleanup of the judiciary. No matter how many roadblocks the gangs of thieves try to put up, we have promised to the people and we have a responsibility to do justice in our country. The rotten system will continue to interfere, but the new Government has an obligation to increase the speed of ridding the country of corruption and injustice.

These are the expectations of the people, and the priorities that I think the new Government must follow.

We had consultations with the parliamentary factions. Following those discussions, I signed a decree designating Dorin Recean as a candidate for the position of Prime Minister of the Republic of Moldova.

During consultations with the faction of the Action and Solidarity Party, the PAS team declared its support for Dorin Recean.

Dear citizens, I know that you understand that we need unity and a lot of work to get through the difficult period our country is facing. The hardships that came upon us in 2022 delayed some of our plans, but did not stop us. I would like to make 2023 a year of reconstruction. Reconstruction of the economy, of localities, reconstruction of justice. A reconstruction to which we all can contribute where we are. Without unrealistic expectations, but taking firm steps forward.

The new government team will be formed promptly. The new government will lead the country on this path of reconstruction. Our country will come out of this troubled time with its head held high.