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Republic of Moldova

Press Releases

The Head of State, at the Moldo-American Convention in Chicago: "I have been impressed by the willingness of our people to seek ways of engagement back home."

President Maia Sandu participated during her visit to Chicago in the Moldovan-American Convention, which this year bears the slogan "Proud to be from Moldova". The head of state noted that our citizens know how to make us proud, whether they live at home or abroad because they are hard-working, courageous and care about their country.

President Maia Sandu discussed in Ottawa regional security, the challenges facing the Republic of Moldova and the reform agenda

The President of the Republic of Moldova, Maia Sandu, is on an official visit to Canada. In Ottawa, the head of state held a series of meetings with high-level officials. The President met with the Governor General of Canada, E. S. Mary May Simon, with whom she discussed the security environment in the region and how our country is affected by the consequences of Russia's war against Ukraine, the refugee relief measures undertaken by the Chișinău Government and how Canada can continue to support these efforts.