Constitution of the
Republic of Moldova

Igor Dodon awarded outstanding doctors of the country on the occasion of their professional holiday

Every year on the third Sunday of June, the Republic of Moldova marks the Day of the Medical Worker and the Pharmacist. In this regard, the Head of State expressed sincere gratitude to all medical workers for their dedication in saving lives and health of our citizens, and wished them health, optimism, prosperity and success in the hard work. 

“The profession of a doctor is one of the noblest, but at the same time it requires a huge responsibility. Most of the medical workers in our country, despite all the difficulties and low salaries, show high professional skills, working daily with dedication, guided by the Hippocratic oath. I consider it necessary to give doctors a status similar to the status of a civil servant, to provide them with decent salaries and appropriate social guarantees," the President emphasized. 

On the occasion of the professional holiday of medical workers, Igor Dodon signed a decree on conferring high state awards on a group of medical workers who work in various medical institutions of the country.