Constitution of the
Republic of Moldova

First Lady to meet with parents and children who benefited from the Cohlear implant

Annually, March 3 is celebrated as World Hearing Day. 


On this occasion, the First Lady of Moldova Galina Dodon had a meeting with parents and children who had previously benefited from the Cohlear implant from “Din Suflet” Charity Foundation. The First Lady congratulated the children and parents on the World Hearing Day, discussed with the parents about the children’s recovery after undergoing Cohlear implant interventions, and watched a video that showed the little ones’ emotions when they first heard.


For the first time, starting with the year 2020, finances from the state budget will be allocated for interventions on the Cochlear implants for children. This year, 20 children with severe and profound hearing loss will have these implants.


We remind you that so far, 19 Moldovan children with severe-profound hearing loss have had the chance to hear and speak due to Cohlear implant interventions, made possible by the financial support provided by the charity foundation “Din Suflet” of the First Lady.