Constitution of the
Republic of Moldova

Igor Dodon will initiate return of the social package for servicemen

Today, on October 3, for the first time, the President held a working meeting with the commanders of the headquarters and military units of the National Army.

During this event, the current situation, in which the National Army is - was reviewed as well as were considered the plans for the future. Following the meeting, the President noted that the main task of the armed forces is the protection of the territorial integrity, and military personnel must strictly observe the orders and requirements of military regulations.

Also Igor Dodon as supreme commander-in-chief "demanded to stop any actions on reorganization or redeployment of military units before the approval of the comprehensive development plan of the National Army".

Meanwhile, the Head of State reminded that in recent years the Moldovan national army was forgotten, and the military personnel was deprived of the social package.

"I am ready to present other initiatives and proposals in the near future in order to increase the motivation of servicemen and the image of the National Army," the President said.

The topic of participation of the Moldovan servicemen in military exercises in Ukraine was also touched upon.

"I heavily criticized participation of servicemen in military exercises, and noted that the orders of the Supreme Commander-in-Chief must be executed. I remind you that Moldova is a neutral state. I am categorically against turning Moldovan soldiers into parts of any military bloc, whether Western or Eastern. As the Supreme Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces, as the country's President, I will resolutely act in the name of preserving peace and protecting national security, and will not allow accession of the Republic of Moldova to this or that foreign military bloc," Dodon said.