US announces $300 million in additional emergency aid to support citizens and projects in our energy sector

The President of the Republic of Moldova, Maia Sandu, and the Ambassador of the United States in Chisinau, Kent D. Logsdon, announce that the USA plans to offer us, through USAID, an additional financing of 300 million dollars to overcome the energy crisis. The United States’ intent to help was announced by USAID Administrator Samantha Power today in Washington.

The funding will include $80 million in direct budget support to offset very high electricity prices this winter. Also, 135 million dollars will go to support electricity generation projects, to diversify the sources of obtaining electricity. Another $85 million will be given to us to increase our capacity to provide energy from alternative sources and achieve energy independence from Russia.

The head of state expressed her appreciation for this decision, which comes at a very difficult moment for the Republic of Moldova. "Even if they will not come immediately to the country's budget, these funds are a sign of support and encouragement for us", emphasized President Maia Sandu.

At the same time, the head of state mentioned that these resources will allow us to carry out projects that will lead to the consolidation of the energy independence of our country. "Thank you very much, thank you to the American people for this substantial help. Thank you!" concluded President Maia Sandu.